Friday, May 29, 2015

Weekly Weigh In

Don't get all excited. This is not going to be a daily blog. But, since today is 2 weeks from when I officially started my HealthyWage challenge, I decided what better time to do a weigh in, right?

Let's get the good stuff out of the way first:
Today is 5/29/15. I just weighed in at 243.2 lbs.

That's sort of amazing.

I also learned that my jeans weigh exactly 1 lb.

Here's the deal with these weekly (or bi-weekly - I told you not to get excited) weigh ins. They're going to be on varying scales, at inconsistent times of day, while wearing a variety of outfits. What I'm saying is they're not going to be scientifically accurate. Just a general idea of wether or not I'm still headed in the right direction.

I am more than pleasantly surprised by todays number. And, yes, I know in my heart of hearts that it's just a number. That's fine. It's still that number that is going to win me over $3,000 when this is all said and done, so while it does not define me or measure my self-worth, it's still an important number.

And I'm pretty happy with that one. Down 7.3 lbs in 2 weeks is beyond anything I could have hoped for. Just a scant 82.7 lbs to go! Heh.

Numbers are funny. I have some milestones in my head. They're just randomly selected numbers with no real meaning, but I might as well share them.
  • I spent most of college hanging around the 220 mark. So that's a milestone. (And at my current trajectory, should be very achievable. It's just over 20 lbs away. That should be here before I know it.)
  • 200 is a nice round number which also puts me at that all important 30 BMI. (I'm 5' 8" and did that math here should you have a desire to find out your BMI.)
  • 180 is roughly what I weighed through high school. I felt like a whale when I was in high school. I was heavier than the majority of my friends and more self conscious about it than I'm sure any of them knew. Probably most of my friends had body image issues in high school - it's sort of the time for that. Heck, many of them probably still do. I can't imagine 180 now. To fit into a size 12-14 again? Are you kidding me? 
180 is a huge milestone for me because one of the things I'm really looking forward to is being able to shop for clothes at what I think of as "regular people" stores. I realize this is not a very emotionally friendly way to think of shopping, but there it is. And when I say "regular people" I'm actually talking about places like the Gap and Banana Republic and White House Black Market and even just the not big and tall section at Macy's. You know? Average sizes. Well, maybe below average. What is average anyway? More research is required. But it would be nice to be able to tell the jerk running Abercrombie & Fitch to shove it in the very meaningful way of not shopping there because I choose not to - not because I'm one of the people he's discriminating against.

They're not bad milestones, right? My end game is 160. My milestones conveniently fall into 20 lb chunks (no pun intended). And that first milestone is right around the corner. College sized me, here I come!


  1. I wish this was FB and I could "like" this. Lol oh well, now you know: I like it. :-)

    1. It's Google and you can +1 it, if you want. It's the Google+ equivalent of a FB "like". But a comment works just as well for me!

  2. You go girl, so proud of you. I wish I could get my arse in gear and just commit to it. I use all the excuses which are valid, but could be worked around, not to eat less/better and move more.... I know I have to be the one to decide to just do it. Hopefully I too can make this happen soon xxx much success to you. The Brit