Wednesday, September 16, 2015

First Milestone Problems

My pants are too big.

I know: "Poor me." "What a wonderful problem to have." "That's great!"

And, yes, it is great. My pants don't fit because I hit my first milestone. I made 220. Ahead of schedule, even. This is all wonderful and fantastic and I'm really pleased with myself.

But my pants are too big.

Now, it's not really a problem. They're not unwearably large. I probably won't be able to walk long distances in them without needing to hike them up repeatedly, especially with my pockets loaded down with keys and wallet and phone as I'm known to do, but they're still behaving like pants. They're covering all the important parts and not falling off me at the slightest provocation or if I look at them funny or take a deep breath.

But they're about to.

And, realistically, I've already had to discard several pairs for this exact same reason, and sort of reveled in it. There's something satisfying about letting go of a thing and giving yourself permission to never need it again. "These shorts no longer serve their intended purpose. It's time for them to move on." Bam! See ya, shorts!

But I just bought these pants.

Remember that time when I was going to work for a cruise ship? (Yes, there's a whole unrelated story there that I'd rather not go into right now. The Reader's Digest version is "Blargh, so I may not be going.") I had already lost some weight and needed black work pants, so I spent some money on some clothes. You know? For work. Several pairs of pants. Jeans and corduroys and Docker's and dress pants. More pants than I have ever purchased at one time in my whole life ever. And to what end? (No pun intended.) I now have a drawer full of brand new - some of them never been worn - pants that are too big. And getting bigger. Or, rather, I'm getting smaller, but the semantics aside...

My pants are too big.

You know? The more I think about it, the less upset I am. Kids, I just stepped on a scale that told me 218. I refrained from kissing said scale, but that's a big deal! That's headed down the path to Milestone #2, and I have no room *ahem* for complaint. That there is cause for celebration!

Maybe I'll celebrate by buying new pants...


  1. 200 is just around the corner!!! Which means 199 is right there too. Oh my god!!!!!!! You can do it because you're awesome!

  2. Oh and you're looking pretty fantastic too! ;)